BPO in Bulgaria

With Bulgaria as European Union member since 2007, a lot of professionals from Western and Central Europe have had the opportunity to work and live in the country, both temporary assignments as well as more permanent projects. The country has been receptive to this influx of foreign manpower pursuing opportunities in one of the fastest growing BPO sectors in Europe.


Even the entry-level salaries for foreign professionals in the BPO sector are high enough so that accommodation, food and transport expenses for a single person take up to 30% of the monthly living budget. The quality of life for BPO professionals in Bulgaria is one of the highest in the European Union as the salaries are similar to the pay-grade for such positions in most of the western countries, and the living expenses are one of the lowest in Europe.

The BPO sector is one of the fastest growing globally – companies from all continents are competing to satisfy the demand for high quality customer services.

As of today Bulgaria is one of the top countries for people working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. What is even more important – BPO companies always look for highly qualified employees with native skills in specific languages.


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