BPO in Romania

In a fast-moving environment, whereas time is one of the main costs for development, when clients need to see and understand more about what one can offer as a call center and BPO provider, it is necessary to be on the right track and place one's business in a region with a potential for development and cost effectiveness opportunities.

With over 1,5 million inhabitants, Bucharest, one of the oldest cities in Europe, is the sixth European capital by number of inhabitants. It aims to become the most desired city in the EU for sustainable development of call center and BPO projects in foreign languages. With 20 universities both public and private and an average of more than ten thousands fresh graduates per year, the Romanian capital has the human potential to provide added value to each call center and BPO client.

It is easy to have a call center in Bucharest for foreign languages projects and other operational centers in other cities for projects in Romanian.

At the moment, there is no BPO and call center professional association in Romania.


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